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If you love traversing new territories while increasing your skills as a photographer, then taking part in Wojtek’s workshops is perfect for you as an opportunity for both.  The exclusive offers below have been created with the idea in mind that everyone has a unique perspective which they carry through life and their travels no matter where they are.  For this reason, Wojtek set out to create workshops that would not only provide effective and educational training to the aspiring or well experienced photographer but also lend as a grounds through which one can discover for themselves their own unique expression.  Wojtek is providing sophisticated and highly educational workshops to enrich your personal skills and portfolio as an artist all throughout 2019.  The workshops and tours are intended for all types of photography lovers and fine art enthusiasts.  From a beginner to an experienced professional photographer, truly every skill level and niche photography medium is welcome along on these journeys!  All workshops are carefully prepared and have included a manifold of content concerning photography instructions and insights on a professional level.  Wojtek’s main desire was to create and offer a variety of unique photography workshops in small groups, catering to each individual’s personal experience and taste along the journey in a stress-free, relaxed learning environment.  All locational offers are based upon Wojtek’s personal experience in that area having been frequented on numerous occasions.  Offering exclusive access to secure and relatively secret locations in every area.  The list below is updated continuously with new information regarding upcoming tour and workshop dates, locations and more.  If any of these excursions interest you please feel free to subscribe our newsletter to receive direct information via email on upcoming tours, workshops, new locations and availability! 




This photo tour is an intensive workshop conducted in a group of 7 participants around the ‘Grand Rann of Kutch’ in Gujarat, India.  In this tour you will you will visit several unique tribal villages and have one full day of post processing training. An excursion into the salt desert will leave a memory to store for a life time. Included in this package are all guided services, transportation needs and exquisite lodging.  Recommend for photography enthusiasts of all types! ​​​​​


Available dates:

07. October - 13. October 2019

14. October - 20. October 2019



​A photo workshop held for 6 participants in, what is considered to be, the most holy city in all of India.  Included in this tour are: two extended boating excursions, a visit to Aarti, creative portfolio instruction among many more highlights await photography lovers of all kinds in an immersive, relaxing and carefree environment.  This workshop can be combined with the Kumbh Mela tour and is a great addition for an enjoyable and relaxing end to your over all travel photography excursion.  Varanasi is a vast area of wildly unique scenery; it is especially recommended to visit during this time. 

​Available dates:

23. October - 25. October 2019

26. October - 28. October 2019


Continiously updated


One day of intensive training on street photography basics and fundamentals including a photowalk, a creative portfolio review along with additional photography theory discussions in intimate learning groups of 2. Please check the details for availability and booking conditions.  I am looking forward to work with you soon!  

Should you have any reservations concerning workshop and tour content please feel free to contact us via email with your concerns and comments along with your suggestions for future projects at: or use our contact form below.



Wojtek Stark is the mentor of all photo workshops and tours listed above.  Any deviation from set workshop or tour guidelines will be specified as such separately in detailed description by Wojtek personally.

Wojtek Stark Studios UG, a travel and event agency based in Germany is the creator and the host of all photo workshop and tour offers published on this website.


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