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Who should join a photography workshop?

Anyone with an interest in photography and a desire to travel can join my photo workshops and tours!  I especially create experiences for photographers of different levels of expertise, passion, interest and for anyone keen on exploring new terrain through their lens.  I am happy to assist you in finding the perfect photo tour for you. 


What will I learn?

My photography workshops are designed to allow photographers of different levels to advance their knowledge base, continue developing their skills, reach new heights with their passion of photography and come away with mind-blowing images.  The photographic tutoring depends on the workshop and your personal skill level.  In general, I will cover most of the technical aspects of your camera, as well as, help you achieve a unique and creative composition with every shot along with providing post processing tutorials.  All workshops have dedicated times to photography tutorials, during which time, most offer the the opportunity to share and review everyone’s work collectively, allowing for a constructive learning space.  You can find more details about the specific tutoring for a workshop by clicking on the workshop’s respective link.  If you you would like to know even more, feel free to give me shout! 


How good do I need to be?

All of my photo workshops are suitable for photographs of any knowledge level.  This means that if you are a pro or just bought your first camera today I will help assist you and cater to your photography needs throughout the entire learning process.  My groups are small, l tailor the tutoring to fit everyone’s level of experience and individual needs and I make sure that everyone has equal attention and time given.  If there is a workshop which is more suitable for photographers of a certain level then it will be clearly indicated in the workshop description. 


How do I make sure I pick the right photo workshop or tour?

I can assist you in finding the perfect photography workshop for you!  I am here to help make an informed decision and with you find a workshop that matches your unique interests, level of experience and all practical requirements. I offer a personalized service to answer any questions, thoughts or concerns throughout the booking process. 


What equipment do I need?

Once you book your photo tour I will provide to you a document with detailed pre-departure information. This document will include a packing list amongst other helpful tips to pack for your specific tour. I will advise you on what clothes are best to bring along, what practical gadgets you might need and of course, what photography gear is needed and recommended. Generally speaking it is advised that you bring an SLR, preferably DSLR, along with your preferred range of lenses to accompany. Spare memory cards (or film) and extra batteries. Occasionally filters and sturdy tripod are recommended as well. It can often help to bring along a laptop with editing software installed as well.  You will find more detailed equipment recommendations for specific workshops and tours upon clicking the link to the respective workshop or tour of your choice. 

What is the balance between photography and relaxation?

This will present itself differently for each individual depending on the workshop. Some workshops have continually active itineraries which allows the participants to focus solely on honing their photography skills. In other workshops there is more time made for individual exploration around each location for personal inspiration and optimal relaxation. If you are unsure which workshop is best for you I will be happy to assist you in finding the perfectly balanced tour or workshop that speaks to your desired traveling experience!


Can non-photographers come along?

Absolutely! While all of my photo tours are created with travel photography as the predominant focus for learning, each one also offers incredible experiences which can be enjoyed even without a camera! The only requirement for non-photographers is that you have to be comfortable and happy being surrounded by a lot of cameras and conversations concerning photography! 


What are the group sizes?

This will be dependent on each specific workshop, however, I will always only work in small groups.  The average sized group is around 6 participants per workshop.  This ensures each individual receives the necessary and desired time on their own photographs and inquiries as is possible with time.  This also allows me as the workshop instructor to adjust my teaching as is necessary with the various skill levels of each workshop participant.  Creating an exclusive, personally catered, hands-on approach to every photography workshop, while in a relaxing atmosphere for the best ease of learning for all is my desire and reason for maintaining a small group dynamic. 

You have a question you couldn't find here an answer to? Please write an Email to: We will answer as soon as we are able to.


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