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Charitable WORK

Jodhpur, India.

The Charity Work which we are able to accomplish through this website is an essential part of Wojtek’s focus as an artistic photographer.  Dedicated to the homeless and children living in critical conditions throughout the many slums of India, Wojtek makes a point of keeping strong focus on this aspect of their current reality to bring as much help and happiness to them as possible.  In creating and growing a community of humanitarian minded individuals, our predominant aim is to curate real and active support to the children in need all around the globe, with special focus on India.  Our initial goal, which is currently being established, is to begin organizing and building a dedicated team to this exact effort.  The wide range of activities and projects for the future will be directly proportional to the physical support, donations, as well as, the personal engagement of our active members.  We wish to realize this goal soon! 


Wojtek Stark has been personally engaged as a social worker for people of disability for over 20 years.  Since Wojtek’s initial travels to India up till now he has worked diligently on finding active ways to help those in need, particularly for the homeless and disabled children of India, as, the children in these conditions have personally touched Wojtek’s heart throughout his many travels to India.  Wojtek’s predominant vision, to construct a solid foundation with likeminded individuals striving for and accomplishing similar goals related to these children so direly in need all throughout the world and specifically, India.  An online community dedicated to helping support and provide special care and attention to the homeless and disabled children of India is a primary focus for the work section of Wojtek’s website. 

Surat, Gujarat, India.


In order to construct an effective foundation of support, a solid and dedicated team is needed.  At present, we are looking for extraordinary individuals willing to dedicate some of their time and unique abilities to helping make this wish a reality.  A team of people who’s deepest wish is to be active in volunteering their intuitive and skillful knowledge basis while working together with other likeminded individuals with the similar zeal, skill sets, and ultimate resolve. Visit our forum to read all related content first before joining for further information and discussion on this topic.  Once you have fully read the content and you find it resonates with your own life’s passions then please, feel free to subscribe as a member of our community to help begin laying a permanent for the groundwork ahead.  We thank you in advance for your heart and desire to help us reach and fulfill our community’s goal. 

Alternatively, you are always welcome to write us via email to: describing your specific inquiry about current and future projects or simply anything else you may be curious about concerning these projects.  Once again we sincerely thank you. 



We are very sorry! We don't host any active project at present but we hope to remove this sentence soon and replace it with some good news about our first activities. We ask you to recognize, we are at the very beginning stages of our development and have some time ahead of use needed for our growth in this area before we will be able to successfully host any active or ongoing projects.  and need to grow up first, before we'll be able to host active projects. 


Yes, this is a situation of high importance to our community and Wojtek Stark personally.  We hope to inspire all visitors to this site to help support us with creative and unique ideas though joining as a dedicated member to further help thrive and sustain those in need.  The purpose of this form is to creatively develop a strategy for our organization’s overall structure.  A strong structural foundation which shows strong influence in community through the internet while staying grounded and dedicated to the projects created through our membership form.

Jetpur, Gujarat, India.


To become active and begin realizing the real application of our ideas, we will need a solid financial foundation.  Any amount is welcome and every amount donated is appreciated! 

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Allahabad, India.
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