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A personal message from Wojtek Stark to all of the many wonderful supporters of his work:


Dear friends! 

Thank you sincerely for all of your very kind words of encouragement along with your many best wishes and regards.  After a few weeks of intensive editing work, the website is now officially online as of October of 2018!  The website has been garnering very positive response on social media and I am receiving many wonderful messages of congratulations from all over the world, it is truly inspiring.  Since the Website is online I am continuing diligently to prepare for my one year continuous journey through india!  My journey is currently scheduled to mid December of 2018 and continue until the winter of the next year, 2019. 


There are many new Photo Workshops I will be hosting in various locations around India all throughout 2019. Please have a look on the offers using the link. Actually we are preparing intesively the Kumbh Mela Workshops for February 2019. I recommend every person to hurry with the booking. It is limited to 6 participants only and it is realistic, both offers will be booked out very quick.  

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