Deep India Story

Updated: Dec 24, 2019


Finally the time has arrived... I am blogging! It will take a short while during all of the new transitions with my schedule but you will be seeing continuous updates on my travels with new content posted as often as I can! With my main focus being on my Photo Workshops through India and the prearrangement of the longest continues trip through India I have conducted, being one year in duration, you will see lots of information concerning these things.



03. December 2018: Just four days left to the flight towards India. I'm very excited and I hope I´ve got the most things into my bag I need during the one year trip. The last few weeks were very exhausting. I've founded a travel company, edited my brand new website. terminated my apartment, reduced my goods to fiew boxes and placed it by a friend in a basement, I've selled my car and bought lot of photographic equipment.


My bag is full with technical gadgets: 4 lenses, 3 cameras, 2 flashes, a drone, a gimble, a notebook, a tripod, a reflector, an external monitor and the whole charging and wire equipment around it. I'm amazed that everything fits in my backpack together with few personal things like shoes, clothes and hygiene products. I think I'm reasonably prepared now.



25.11.2019: I am working for the first time on this blog, after being in India for almost a year now. For someone who wanted to blog his one-year trip and was promising this in public, that's actually very shameful and I would like to summarize briefly how it came about it. To write everything down as planned before, I would need a lot of time and my photographic work would suffer greatly. Perhaps, however, if another of my plans can be implemented in the future, to publish a book about this trip, then I would certainly catch up on all the amazing details and stories.



D E E P I N D I A S T O R Y - T H E Y E A R 2 0 1 9

India has always been good for me for surprises and this time it did not change.

I first visited a friend in Junagadh, Gujarat. When I got back to New Delhi after one week, I instantly got a motorbike organized, with a luggage rack and an oversized metal box on it to protect my luggage in the most effective way. It was my own idea to do it. The attachment of the porter and the box was done by people who did not really want to build something like that. Besides, they did not have much imagination of what was needed to be done and in addition, they did not have much idea of the professional installation of such a construction. But they brought it on somehow. Although I had planned to get a vehicle after arriving in India, actually I thought of a car but