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How long does it take to ship an item?

2-4 weeks shipping & delivery for most items. Prints 16x24 or larger can take up to 6 weeks.  Right now, ALL aluminum orders can take up to 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally. Our shipping prices are an estimate, you may be contacted if additional shipping charges are necessary. They do not include any custom or tariff costs in your country. Please research your country's custom regulations before you order an item. If there are special instructions on how to ship an item to your country, include it with the order in the provided message box at checkout.

How much does it cost for Shipping and Handling?

Shipping is based on the total amount purchased. Our price list for domestic and international deliveries can be viewed at Printshop / Shipping prices page.

What company do you use to ship items?

Most EU orders are shipped via DHL.  International deliveries vary by USPS and DHL.

How are prints shipped?

8x10 prints are shipped in a rigid envelope.  Matted prints will arrive in a bubble envelope or cardboard box depending on the size. Prints larger than 16x24 are sent flat in a box or rolled in a tube.  Please contact us if you have questions.

My items were received damaged during shipping, what should I do?

If you believe your item(s) were received damaged due to shipping neglect, we ask that you kindly take photos of both the damaged packaging and the damaged items so that we can properly verify and document it.  We will work diligently to get the issue resolved and have a replacement sent to you.  Please use the Contact Form. 

My item is an international delivery and has not arrived within the stated timeframe. What should I do?

The first thing you will want to do is inquire with your country's mail custom department. Sometimes items are held up in customs. If your item is not held up in customs, please use the Contact Form and inquire about your order. Provide your order number and date of order so we can look it up in our system. Also, select the appropriate "Inquiry Subject" so your message is delivered to the proper department.

There is a problem with the order that arrived. What should I do?

Please use the Contact Form and explain the problem. Provide your order number and date of order so we can look it up in our system. Also, select the appropriate "Inquiry Subject" so your message is delivered to the proper department.

I ordered multiple items , but not all items arrived. What should I do?

Depending on the items you ordered, we may need to ship them separately.  Size and weight are factors in how your order will be sent.  Please contact us directly if you have questions on the timeframe.  If all of your items have not arrived within the stated timeframe, please use the Contact Form and inquire about your order. Provide your order number and date of order so we can look it up in our system. Also, select the appropriate "Inquiry Subject" so your message is delivered to the proper department.




What is the difference between Glossy Prints, Matte Prints and Canvas Giclees?

Glossy Prints: Glossy prints are on coated paper with a very smooth, shiny reflective surface and have a high-contrast appearance.
Matte Prints: Matte prints have a slight gloss with a subtle, often pearl-like texture. Matte prints show less glare than glossy prints.
Canvas Giclees: Canvas giclees are printed on textured canvas similar to the surface of a painting giving it an "art" look. Once the canvas is stretched and wrapped, it can be hung on the wall just as it is without any framing.

Aluminum:  Images are printed on Aluminum and have a very reflective surface.  The colors are very vibrant and also come ready to hang.  They hold up well in various weather conditions and require very minimal upkeep.

What sizes are prints available in?

All prints are available as 8x10,11x14 and 12x18 Glossy Prints. Most are also available in larger sizes and formats (Matte, Glossy, Canvas, Aluminum) but each image needs to be looked at individually for size and format availability. Below each enlarged image, there is a drop down menu which shows all available formats and sizes for that photograph.

Do prints come signed?

ALL prints come unsigned unless they are Limited Edition in which these are signed and numbered.  If you would like your print signed, please contact us via email or phone and we'd be happy to arrange that for you.  In some cases, extra charges may apply.

How are prints shipped?

Depending on the size, prints are either sent flat in an envelope, bubble mailer, cardboard box or sent rolled in tubes.  Please contact us if you have questions about how a particular size will be shipped.

I would like to order a print on aluminum. Do you do this?

Aluminum prints are available for all images.  We offer them in sizes as small as 8x12 to 24x36 online.  Larger sizes are available, please contact us for pricing and availability. An example can be seen on our Printshop / Shipping prices page. Please inquire through our Contact Form.

Why are some images not available in larger sizes?

If an image is not available in our larger sizes, most likely that means the image will lose its clarity in those sizes. The printing options shown are the sizes which can hold the quality for that particular image. If you would like for us to double check an image's largest printable size, you can fill out our Contact Form and ask. Let us know the image name and the desired size.  Aluminum and Canvas Giclee mediums are only offered online up to size 24"x36" but they can be purchased as custom orders for larger sizes. Please email us to inquire about size and shipping charges.

Do you sell digital files?

Generally the answer is "no". But we do make occasional exceptions and license digital files to museums, advertising agencies, public spaces and certain interior design projects. We also license images to reputable magazines, publications and rights managed commercial projects. All projects have a healthy budget or large media exposure to offset the risk of having digital files out in the public realm.

Fill out our                                 (subject: Licensing) and let us know what the usage will be, the size and the budget. Provide as much details on the project as possible. You will also have to work with a reputable printer that will assure us in writing that the files will be destroyed after the project is completed.

I would like to order a very large print, possibly divided in sections, for a large installation. Is this possible?

If you are interested in purchasing a large installation piece, fill out our                               (subject: Licensing) and let us know the details of your project including image name, images size, location of installation and approximate project budget.

Do you sell screen savers?

At this point we do not sell screen savers of our images.



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